Mission & Vision


Hailed as a leader in providing access and opportunity for education and growth.


It is GSI intention to bring the best and highest quality educational experience to its facilities in Doha. Committed to the Qatar national vision 2030, GSI will reinforce these opportunities with a first class, comprehensive support structure both locally and at the host institution. Graduates of our various programs and initiatives will become local, regional and global leaders who will shape our future and make positive contributions to society in myriad ways.



  • Offer curriculums and programs from renowned educational institutions that meet the articulated needs of Qatar 2030.
  • Maintain the quality of academic programs that are transported to Qatar from the UK and US.
  • Hire and develop a progressive staff who are committed to student success
  • Ensure that the teaching faculty and staff have the best tools to do their work
  • Build a physical space that is ‘conducive to the learning environment and reflective of
    the quality of the instructional programs