Live Classroom Technology

Using cutting-edge technology, the Shorelight Live learning technology platform allows students from all over the globe to earn a degree from top universities without leaving their home country.

Here’s how it works: industry-leading faculty are broadcast to screens and classrooms in your country. They interact with you in real time—lecturing and answering questions, supplying feedback, drawing up polls and surveys, and engaging with you as if they were standing physically in your classroom.

You, as the student, participate using interactive whiteboards, smart stylus technology, and your laptop.


Personalized level of exchange equal or superior to that in a face-to-face classroom. Fully synchronous experience that ensures students can speak up at any time and be seen and heard by the instructor and other students.

A level of engagement where students and teachers come across as themselves and can show their personalities as individuals through their interactions.

Ability to virtually raise your hand which can be seen in real time and reacted to by the professors and students.

An icon which the instructor has in order to speak with any student face to face as all other students watch and listen. Access to whiteboards, slides and materials.

Options for in-class small group discussions as break out groups where conclusions and findings can be reported back to the instructor.

Customised tracking software that enables the professor to ensure that every student participates and is fully engaged in the classroom experience.

Live Technology

Live-to-Classroom technology allows students to learn in a real classroom, with a professor lecturing live from their home university, using real-time course platforms. You can collaborate with your peers in the classroom, both local and worldwide, and directly with your US-based university instructors. Engagement is higher than in regular face to face classes. Students can develop and grow in an enriched environment collaborating with classmates, faculty and even students in other countries studying the same course in real time.

We really feel that it is in the classroom environment that students experience an unprecedented level of engagement and motivation. “Students…value their interactions with classmates and small group work, the initial assessment of our field degree program shows we can achieve high student satisfaction and high levels of interaction in the Live Platform environment.” (Dr. Tilman Wolf, UMass-Amherst)

The Live technology also allows students who have missed a session to go back into the classroom and experience the lecture with the recorded version of the session. They will see the interaction and the contributions of their classmates and can catch up on the sessions and be back on track.

In extreme circumstances such as with the Covid-19 pandemic, and as instructed by Government organisations we are able to pivot to Live on your device. In a location convenient for you—the office, at home, or on the go, it is possible to continue to attend lectures without missing class time and maintaining the Live experience.