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Associate Degrees

As a member of the State University of New York, SUNY Adirondack is committed to offering courses that can transfer as general education credits to numerous U.S. colleges and universities, including those in Qatar. The courses are specifically chosen to satisfy a broad set of requirements that serve as the foundation of many bachelor’s degree programs with which SUNY Adirondack has transfer agreements. They can also be applied to degrees at SUNY Adirondack, including an Associate in Applied Science – Cybersecurity.

The Power of SUNY

The State University of New York (SUNY) is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States.  SUNY Adirondack is one of 64 campuses across the state offering the first two years of a bachelor’s degree program. With the resources and prestige of the SUNY system but the human connection of a tight-knit community, we offer significant savings for a quality education.  This program provides the opportunity for students to learn from accomplished, recognized professors with years of experience in the classroom and in their respective fields. Technology creates an engaging classroom that students describe as “a truly wonderful experience” that “feels very personal.” Earn credits toward a college degree with potential to transfer to four-year SUNY universities or any other of the notable colleges that accept course equivalencies with SUNY Adirondack, including Virginia Commonwealth University, Texas A&M University, Qatar University and Carnegie-Mellon University.

Leading The Way

SUNY Adirondack is a two-year community college that emphasizes community. With more than 30 unique academic programs, SUNY Adirondack is a leader in the region’s workforce development, preparing the next generation of leaders for a bright future. More than 50 SUNY Adirondack faculty members have earned SUNY-wide recognition with Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence over the years, in five categories: Faculty Service, Librarianship, Professional Service, Scholarship and Creative Activities, and Teaching. The college has nine distinguished professors, a campus-based recognition of accomplishment.
Adirondack Course NumberAdirondack Course NameSUNY General Education Requirement
ART 111Western Art History IThe Arts
ART 112Western Art History IIThe Arts
CHM 107Chemistry in SocietyNatural Science
CHM 111General Chemistry INatural Science
CHM 112General Chemistry IINatural Science
CIS131Introduction to Networking 
ECO 201Principles of MacroeconomicsSocial Science
ECO 202Principles of MicroeconomicsSocial Science
EGR 120Introduction to Engineering 
ENG 101Introduction to College WritingBasic Communication
ENG 102Academic WritingBasic Communication
ENG110Technical WritingBasic Communication
HIS 101Western Civilization Late Middle Ages to the French RevolutionOther World Civilization
HIS 103The United States to 1877United States History
MAT108Math Functions IIMathematics
MAT 123Pre-CalculusMathematics
MAT 127Introductory Statistics with ProbabilityMathematics
MAT 131Calculus 1Mathematics
MAT 132Calculus 2Mathematics
MUS 101Music AppreciationThe Arts; Humanities
PHI 201Introduction to PhilosophyHumanities
PHY 111General Physics 1Natural Science
PHY 112General Physics 2Natural Science
PSY 101General PsychologySocial Science
PSY 222Developmental PsychologySocial Science


University classes taught by top ranked faculty from SUNY – ADIRONDACK in state-of-the-art collegiate Live Classrooms located in the Aspire Academy. Choose from a variety of courses in the general education areas of humanities, social sciences, and science options to accelerate your studies to specific majors at SUNY Adirondack such as Cybersecurity and Mechatronics or continue your career path on one of hundreds of programmes through their academic partners in the US or here in Qatar. By focussing on your career through a selection of additional course options business, economics, and social and physical science courses, you will get a solid foundation of studies as well as develop skills and critical literacies that will propel you from success to success throughout life. You will take the courses you need to begin your undergraduate journey. At any time you may transfer to universities in Qatar or elsewhere and you’ll have gained the study skills you need for academic success. Whether you have decided on a university degree or still weighing your options, in Qatar or abroad, SUNY-ADIRONDACK will open a world of opportunity. Your GSI based experience is designed so that you will be treated exactly the same as a student studying in New York. You will obtain an official transcript from SUNY ADIRONDACK that is exactly the same as your classmates from New York. Furthermore, with GSI and SUNY ADIRONDACK support services by your side, you will benefit from high level advising on university and career options, training in academic success, and myriad opportunities.