Student Services

The GSI Commitment To Our Students

Student success is paramount in our commitment to excellence. With GSI, students have an added layer of support to ensure their current and future successes. Our partner universities treat GSI students as any other student applicant, because you will be a bona fide student of that university, getting the same courses and the same degree as students studying on campus. This also includes student support structures.

However, with GSI, students also get the support of local experts at GSI who have first hand knowledge and experience with US and UK universities. Furthermore, our experts can work on your behalf to navigate the seemingly complicated web of student services at each of our partner institutions so that you can receive the appropriate support and guidance in a timely and individualised manner.

We know that adapting to university life is daunting. We also know that students are reluctant to ask for help and this often occurs too late to provide an effective resolution. However, with GSI by your side we build a nurturing environment where you can seek our advice, support and guidance. It’s our commitment to you that once accepted into a university program, we believe that you have demonstrated the ability to graduate and therefore it is our collective responsibility to realise that goal.

Student Services cover the following areas and are offered by the local GSI experts and the dedicated professional at each of our partner universities.


Applying to a university, whether it be in Qatar or overseas is often confusing. With international universities it is complicated further because of the different vocabulary and expectations of these universities. Additionally, the admissions staff at international universities are not experts in the Qatari system of education. Therefore the team at GSI is ready to assist in all aspects of the admissions process- we don’t complete your application, or make the final decision on admissions, but pretty much everything else is available to you in the application process. For example, we explain the application process, what is required, collate materials, remind you of deadlines, follow up with our partner universities etc.

We encourage you to contact us as early as possible in the application process, even if you are not completely sure of your intention. The sooner we can work with you, the more we can meet your needs.


The systems of education at the university level vary around the world. The goals are the same: getting to graduation. Along the way, there are many decisions to be made, confirming your program of study, choosing courses, electing to follow a particular track within a major and preparing for life after graduation. Universities provide varying levels of support along the way at the various decisions points. Our GSI professionals are here to provide further advice and guidance that is independent of the interests of the university but focussed on your needs and desires.

We can help you specifically with the Qatari connection to your studies. For example, how to use your new degree to launch you on a successful career in Qatar or how to use your studies to continue you on your academic journey by transferring to other universities with which GSI has established accelerated completion pathways.


University study can be challenging. In fact, we encourage you to find challenges rather than take the easy route. If you do not face challenges and overcome them, you will never reach your true potential. We encourage you therefore to reach beyond your expectations. With the support of GSI experts, professors teaching the courses you are taking and the academic professionals at our partner institutions we can help you overcome challenges as well as developing strategies for success that will be invaluable to you throughout life.


Often student success is not about the academic rigour but associated with life in general. We’re here at GSI to provide you with resources to handle those periods when things are not going well for you. We know that life can be complicated and stressful. Issues such as anxiety, stress related illness and pressure to succeed can sometimes seem to be overwhelming. Having someone to listen to you and advise is very important and at GSI, there will always be someone with whom you can talk and if necessary, to provide you with a professional for further support.

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